Past Research

Having starting out doing a PhD in theoretical high energy physics looking at gauge invariance, I veered into statistical mechanics - simulating discretized models of random surfaces and spin models on random lattices as well as quenched geometrical disorder and spin models on random graphs. I have made occasional forays into non-equilibrium systems such as the Zero Range Process (ZRP) and the Asymmetric Exclusion Process (ASEP).

Other long-standing interests have included partition function zeroes in statistical mechanics, scaling relations for higher order transitions, logarithmic exponents, "invisible states" and  applications of information geometric ideas as orginally pioneered by Ruppeiner to the study of phase transitions in various systems, including families of black holes. Partners in crime in these enterprises have included Ralph Kenna , Brian Dolan and Wolfhard Janke, with schemes often being hatched at Wolfhard's annual CompPhys meetings in Leipzig. 

Ralph died in 2023 and will be sadly missed, as was Clive Baillie who started me down the road of computer simulations many years ago.